MKSC is a 100% volunteer organization. The coaching, refereeing, permitting for fields, setting, and procurement of equipment and uniforms, etc. are all handled by dedicated volunteers like yourselves.

MKSC needs a volunteer commitment to continue the excellent tradition of AYSO recreational soccer in NYC. Please lend your support enthusiastically!

All Volunteers Must Register

All MKSC volunteers - coaches, referees, team managers, etc. - must be registered with AYSO national. Volunteer backgrounds and references are checked by national staff to ensure the safety of our children. Your information will not be shared with any third party. Key personal information (e.g., social security numbers) will be encrypted. You will need to fill in specific information including details on personal references. Once you are ready, please click on the link below to register as a volunteer through AYSO national's eAYSO system. http://www.eayso.org/

Volunteer Positions

COACHES are responsible for their teams at both practices and at games. To the extent possible (beginning with the Midget and Girls 1 Division), practices should be held one day during the week. Every coach is required to attend a Safe-Haven clinic (3 hours) at least once and to be certified at the age-appropriate Coaching Clinic.
ASSISTANT COACHES should be designated on every team to help the coach at games and practices and to substitute in the coaches' absence. Assistant Coaches are also expected to attend Safe-Haven and Coaching Clinics.

REFEREES are the ultimate authority during the game. The Referee's primary responsibilities are to ensure the safety of the players and to enforce the Laws of Soccer. Every prospective referee is required to attend a clinic and become certified at the appropriate referee level for the division.

Community Service Credit and a full fee refund (after officiating at 10 games) are available to all HS aged players who would like to volunteer to referee. All high school-aged referees must complete the AYSO youth ref training course.

Training for coaches, assistants, and referees will be provided to all volunteers. AYSO has a network of experienced trainers.

Please complete the VOLUNTEER BOX on your application or email kffnyc@aol.com to volunteer.

MKSC is looking for a “super” volunteer who may be interested in becoming a REGIONAL COACH ADMINISTRATOR. The regional coach administrator is responsible for providing and ensuring the quality of coaching within the region. Coach training is scheduled in September in cooperation with West Side Soccer League to prepare all volunteers for the season. Any “super” volunteers? Please email me at: kffnyc@aol.com
Thanks to Our Sponsor!
Thanks to Our Sponsor!