When does the season begin?
The season begins on Saturday, September 12th and 13th, please see the detailed schedule on the registration page.


How are the teams drafted?

Teams are created through a computer drafting program and coach review process that assigns players to encourage balance. Special requests may be difficult to acknowledge. The U7-U6 Division are the exceptions to this policy. We will try to honor those requests if reasonable. All requests must accompany this registration form on a separate sheet of paper to be considered. REMEMBER: There are instances where we have been unable to acknowledge requests. Our goal is to promote the sport of soccer and making new friends is part of playing the game.


Will my coach call me before the first game?
Coaches are asked to call or email all players prior to the first game. Team assignments and schedules can be found at the TEAMS and SCHEDULES links on this site.


What should my player wear for the first game?
All players are strongly encouraged to wear cleats on the field. Uniforms will be distributed by coaches before the first game. Uniform kits include: shirt, shorts, and socks.


Should I purchase shin guards?
Yes. Shin guards are required to be worn by all players and will be available for purchase at the field during opening weekend. Please purchase your shin guards at the field. Proceeds from the purchase will accrue to the Manhattan Kickers fundraising efforts.


How do I know if my game is canceled due to bad weather?
Games are rarely canceled for rain. Soccer is a sport that is played even in wet conditions. Nevertheless, if rains are heavy and/or field conditions are flooded and games are canceled, your coach will call you and always check the website or Manhattan Kickers SC Facebookpage for updates.


What's the address and telephone number of the Manhattan Kickers Soccer Club?
Peter Stuyvesant Station, P.O. Box 1284, New York, NY 10009, tel. (212) 477-3232


What is AYSO?
AYSO stands for the American Youth Soccer Organization and the Manhattan Kickers is a member of the organization. Please visit the AYSO website for more information http://www.ayso.org

Thanks to Our Sponsor!
Thanks to Our Sponsor!