Manhattan Kickers travel to France in Summer 2017

Last July, MKSC sent 4 travel teams to France from July 8th to 18th, in Vassieux en Vercors in the South East of France, near Grenoble.

The group, composed by 2006 Black team, 2006 Red team, 2005 and 2004 travel teams, was chaperoned by Brian Buckmire (coach 2006), Mike Derosa (coach 2006), Partha Deb (coach 2004), Erwan Saunier (Director) and Julien Saunier (chaperon).
The 32 players that attended experienced French culture and playing soccer in altitude.
A mix of soccer training, sports and cultural adventures marked the success of the camp for many kids. Activities included soccer games and practices, swimming, ping pong, soccer tennis, futsal, farm visit, horse carriage, caves visit, summer sled, WW2 museum and sites, star watching, July 14th fireworks and town festival, picnic at the river.

The boys did really well on the field, winning most of their games and showing strong skills in their games.
Our MKSC coaches had a great experience as well as all players getting to know kids from the local clubs, it was a learning experience and a great time for all of us!

Next summer’s destination is Spain, more info to come!